Recent Family Photos

Recent Pictures.  After pictures have been posted here for awhile, they will be transferred to the appropriate Geneology section.

2002 -
Mom's 83rd Birthday
Move on March 1 from Pipers Field to Andora
New House Pictures
April 2002 - Fall from Ladder
Dad's Hip Fracture
Bonita Springs July 4th 2002 - Sandy, Kenny and Sarah visit to mom and dad
Ron's 25 Anniversary with IBM - July 2002
Clausen Family - Kelly, Darcy, Dane, Haley, Audrey, Curtis
Sara at the Beach in North Carolina 2002
Halloween and Sarah is a Tiger
Sister Barb the Flight Nurse
Vicky and Dad - Birthday 2/2303 (as compared with 2/23/49!)
Swallows 05/03
Princess (my foster Tortie) - 3 weeks in December 2003
Page 1    Page 2    Page 3  Love Bug's First time Outside with Princess - 12/22/03
Love Bug and Princess around the House
Love Bug chasing the Cursor on the Computer 12/25/03
Love Bug playing on the Kitty Condo in Computer room 12/30/03
Happy New Year - 12/31/2003 - at Alex and Nancy Gregor's house
Love Bug with the BottleBaby