Sandra "Sandy" "Pumpkin" Jane (Troy) Shores 
b.5/23/1947 Minneapolis, MN     Miscellaneous Information
Baby Picture and Birth Announcement    Birth Certificate

1947 -
1 Month Old
Christmas Vicky and Me
Me and Vicky on the Teeter Tottter and me Crying in the Play?Pen
1948 -
First Birthday
Playing Dress-Up
Postville Iowa with Vicky and Cousins Cheryl and Alan
Me with Richard Stewart
Christmas Vicky and Me
At the Lake with Mary Kay and Bear
At the Lake - Vicky and me in a Boat
At the Lake in front of Ginger Rogers Cabin
Three Wheeler
1949 -
Second Birthday
Postville Iowa with Vicky and Cousins Cheryl, Alan and Kathy
Mom at Officer's Club
Holding the Guinea Pigs
Me with Johnny Davis
Me and Vicky with Johnny Davis
West Virginia - Dad, Vicky and Me
It's Snowing - All decked out in snowsuits!
Party with lots of Little Kids
Playing in the sandbox with Dickie Dee Haislip and Skippy
Skippy and me holding hands
Here's Skippy again, and boy are we laughing!
Another three wheeler
Santa with Vicky and me
Me and Vicky dressed up
1950 -
Third Birthday
At the Lake with fish in Nets
Traveling Cross Country - Caught in the Act
Grandpa hanging me Upside-down
Christmas Vicky and me
Christmas with Cousins in Postville 1950
Holding Umbrellas with Vicky and two other little kids
Santa and Me (no wonder little kids are afraid of Santa!)
Michael Angelo Vic-A-Bob Troy (our German Shepard), Vicky and Me
Me all dressed up with a Hat on
1951 -
Fourth Birthday
First Tooth Out
Cousins building Snowman in Postville
Sandy and Vicky with our Bikes
1952 -
Mom, me and Vicky
Fifth Birthday
Finally got a Two-Wheeler (was coming down with Mumps)
Standing with Hands on Hips
Sandy and Vicky - Vicky's 8th Birthday
Sixth Birthday
Mom, Vicky, Me and Nancy
Tiny Tears, me and Nancy (I loved Tiny Tears!)
Playing with the Cats
Playing in the Dirt
Outside with Dad
Sandy and Vicky in Tree
Kids on Roof
With Pigtails
Sandy and Vicky eating ice cream - right after pigtails cut off
1954 -
Seventh Birthday
School Picture at 7 Years Old
The Two Lovely Ballerinas
Dad and Vicky
Boarding Mike
Nancy's First Birthday - Postville with Cousins
     1955 -
Eighth Birthday
Going to school all dressed up in Chinese Skirt and Jacket
Formosa with the Maids and our Monkeys
Life's a Beach
Me, Vicky and Nancy in Formosa
1956 -
9th Birthday
In our Halloween Costumes Mom made for Us
Show me the Money!
Dad and Mom at a Party in Formosa
Mom and Dad going Out
Sitting on a Rock - going cross country (or vacation to Iowa)
Visiting Great-Grandma Sadie Troy
29 Palms California with Stephen Skibbs   
1957 -
Christmas in 29 Palms
Dad and Mom
Sitting on the Barbeque (think dad built this... plus the patio)
Vicky holding little baby Barb
1958 -
Foreign Dolls - Dad would bring us home dolls from his tours
Sandy and Nancy in Disneyland
1959 -
12 Years Old - School picture 7th Grade 1959-1960
1960 -
13 Years Old - School Picture 8th Grade 1960-61
Dressed up for Church - Mom, Vicky, Nancy, Blake, Barb and Me
1961 -
Vicky, Me and Mom standing by the red Chevy Stationwaggon
Freshman School Picture 1961-1962
Halloween 1961 with the Angel, Devil and Princess (Barb Blake Nancy)
1962 -
Sophomore in Quantico VA, 15 Years Old 1962-1963
1963 -
Sixteenth Birthday
Junior in Camp Lejeune NC, 1963-1964
1964 -
Senior Picture,  1964-1965
Me and David with Rabbits in front of Impala (while we were dating)
BasketBall Team (played 4 years Guard in Quantico and Camp Lejeune)
1965 - 1968
Jacksonville North Carolina - son Kenny Pratt
1969 --
My Hippie Days, Lived on St. Louis St in French Quarter - Bob Osborne
1970 -
Party at my house on Esplanade - Bonnie Beatson and Mandy Maloy
Snow in St Louis
Bobby Shores and me in Santa Cruz and also in St. Louis
Grandma Troy and Grandma Nyberg - 1974
1976 -
Family Photos - May 1976 Florissant, MO
1978 -
Nancy Barber (Hayakawa), Paula and Me - San Francisco
1980 -
San  Francisco - The Cove Apartments, Mike Barret
1982 -
San Francisco - Mom and Dad Visiting
1984 -
Mom and Dad in St. Louis
1985 -
Virgin Islands with Robin Hiskes
1987 -
Liz Ritchie and Rodney - Young Scandavian Club - Clearlake, CA
Golden Gate Bridge 50th Anniversary
Sandy and Rhyne in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

1990 -
Cancun with Bonnie Beatson
1991 -
New Orleans Mardi Gras
Chris VanKirk in New Orleans
Las Vegas visiting Vicky - Picture at a Biker Bar
Sammy and Diddles
Clausen Family
1993 -
Dallas TX - Rhyne Beatty and Tom Gaffney
1994 -
John Cole's 10th Anniversary - Dallas, TX 1994
Naples Florida
Naples house on Morningside
1994 - Florida - Kenny and Sarah (Kenny's 29th Birthday)
Sandy's Mustang - Project from 1994-1999
Dad with Thanks Sign - October 1994
California with Evanson's - 1994
Thanksgiving 1994 - Lakeway
1995 -
Tejas Real Estate
Blake and Mom & Dad - January 1995
Nancy, Barry & Caitlin - January 1995
Ron's Birthday - 1995
London - Bob, Bergit & Nancy 1995 - Right before taking wine tour of Bordeaux
Mom and Dad - visit when we lived in Lakeway
Diddles - 1995
Archie Willis - Mooring Circle in Lakeway - Passed away 1995
Clausen Family - Visiting in Bonita Beach 1995
1996 -
Christmas 1996 - Bonita Beach with Mom and Dad
1997 -
Amanda's Graduation - May 1997
Dallas Race Track - June 1997
Evanson Reunion - California August 1997
1998 -
January 1998 - Amanda, Jennifer, Sandy, Rob at Spicewood Springs
Mom 1998 Disneyland Epcot
Sandy's 51st Birthday - May 1998
Visit to Bonita Beach - March 1998
Baby A's with Rick - April 1998
Ray Troy in Fredericksburg - Thanksgiving
Condo Construction - October 1998
Christmas 1998 Austin, TX - with Dad and Mom

1999 -
Ron's 41st Birthday - February 1999
Yard at Pipers Field before Landscaping
Mom & Dad 3/99 - Bonita Springs dressed up for Church!
Kenny & Sara Pratt 1999 - Jacksonville NC at the Lake
Sandy & Ron at Antones 5/5/1999 - Austin Texas
Italy Trip - Como and Milan - May 1999 Sandy and Ron
Italy Trip - Venice - May 1999 Sandy and Ron
Bonita Springs, September 1999 - Mom, Dad, Sonny, Ron
Nancy & Barry Schneider's 25th Wedding Anniversary - 6/99 Kansas City
St. Louis before Nancy's Party - 6/99
Hotel in Kansas City - 6/99
Mom and Dad Portrait
Africa Trip July 1999 - Sandy and Ron
Nancy is Teaching Mom Bad Habits!
Amanda and Sandy - Thanksgiving 1999
Sandy and Giovanna - IBM Christmas Dinner 1999
Christmas 1999 at Marbella
Bev and Rich - at their new house in San Antonio 12/99
New Years Eve 1999, Austin TX - Ron and Sandy
2000 -
Sandy & Ron at Bev's house for     Jennifer's birthday March 23, 2000.
Robbie's Going Away Party - April 2000
Mom and Dad's Anniversary 5/15/2002
Iowa Relatives
Troy Family Reunion
Ray Troy in Fredericksburg
2001 -
Dad & Mom's Birthdays 2001, Bonita Beach Florida
Father's Day
Bonita Beach visit during 4th of July with Ron
Key West Trip
Bonita November 2001
Thanksgiving in Austin
Christmas at Pipers Field 2001