Pixies in Disguise

This page has nothing for sale, I just put it together to educate people on the types of Holt Howard wannabe pixies and to show pictures of my collection.  I will update it periodically when new pieces are acquired.   If you want to purchase pixies, they are in my "Vintage Items" section to the left.

Davar Pixies (pictures)
The Davar pixies have are flat headed and are similar in shape and size to Holt-Howard pixies.  Typically the Davar spoon will fit in a HH jar and visa versa.  The stripes of the Davar pixie base are horizontal and they have little arms.  The lettering of the condiment on the base is written either in script or block style - script will have a floppy haired pixie top, block will have the hair standing up straight.  The quality of Davar is lesser than that of the Holt-Howard line.  The pixie tops must have been placed horizontal with the back collar and back of the head touching something when their paint was drying as you almost always see manufacturing firing flaws in those areas.  The color of the skin can range from real light, almost almond, to a flesh color.  The lines on the jars sometimes look like a nervous person painted them on.   And I have seen glazed over chips on the ears.  I have only seen one discolored Davar condiment so they must not be as prone to crazing as the Holt-Howard pixies.  You will often see little paint splatters and glaze pops but, for all their manufacturing flaws, they are still really cute and highly collectable.  you often see the tops and bottoms mismatched on the cocktail olives/mustard and the ketchup/jam so be sure when you buy that you are buying a matched set, the value goes way down if it is mismatched.  The Davar olives/Cherries/Onions always has "cocktail" in the name... ie Cocktail Onions.  They also made a cute horseradish nodder condiment holder and a garlic condiment. 

Davar Pill Boy Nodders (pictures)
Another Davar item that pixie lovers will want to collect are the pill boy nodders.  There were six of them - Asprin, Pills for Chills, Lan Sakes Take these for Headaches, Tranquilizers, Hay Fever Pills, and Pep-up Pills. The head is attached to the collar with a spring which makes the head nod back and forth. They came in Pink, Yellow and Blue stripes and were made in 1958 and 1959.  They are very rare and expensive when you can find even one!.     

Lefton Pixies (pictures)
There were two flavors of Lefton Pixies:  the ones made in the US and the ones made in Canada which have the ESD label.  Both the US and Canada Lefton pixies have round heads and the stripes are vertical like the HH pixies.  They are larger than the HH and Davar pixie - the spoon is too long to fit in a Davar or HH pixie bottom.  The necks of the Lefton pixies is thicker than Davar and Holt Howard, therefore you don't see them broken as often.... however, I have seen my share of broken ones!  The quality is similar to that of Holt Howard.  Lefton made a Jam, Marmalade, Instant Coffee, Mustard, Ketchup, Cocktail Olives, Cocktail Cherries, Relish, Sweetie Syrup, Salt & Pepper, and Santa  pixie condiment (I believe there was a Ms. Santa creamer with it).  Lefton also made a cocktail set consisting of a small Cocktail Onions and Cocktail Cherries pixie sitting on a tray (which had the cocktail drink names on it). The cocktail set is much smaller than the other pixies. 

Menschik-Goldman Girl Pixies( pictures)
MG introduced their line in 1968.  These are more "little girls" than "pixies", however because they have a spoon attached to the head, they are often referred to as pixies.  Each little girl head is flat and has a bow.  The bow matches the color of the dots and collar on her dress. The Saccharin condiment is half the size of the other condiments.  The most common flaw on these are the paint loss. 

Lipper & Mann Bonnet Girl Pixies (pictures)
These little L&M Bonnet Girls sure are cute.  All have round heads with little bonnets.  Excellent quality but practically every one I have seen has had a chip (or a few chips) on the flower bonnet.  I have a Boy Jelly with the Liper label but he doesn't look anything like the Bonnet Girls. 

Jolly Girl (pictures)
The Jolly condiments have little girl faces and are again referred to as pixies because of the attached spoon.  The bow matches the little flowers on the base and collar.  And she has little feet on the base!  No one seems to know much about this line but they made the Jam, Ketchup, Mustard, Relish, Mayo and Salt and Pepper.

BlackPixies (pictures)
Now this one you don't see often.  Only the Catsup and Mustard were made in this line.  They were sold in a set with napkins and placemats.  The pixie head is flat headed, the jar is flat too (rather than round like most of them), and the collar is oblong rather than round.  I do not know the manufacturer and they are not marked.  These are expensive if you can find them, evidently there were not many made.

Blondie Pixies (pictures)
Cute round headed pixies that all have blonde hair.  They have vertical stripes and the jar is more "hour glass" shaped with arms.  The quality is so-so and the spoon is a bit straight and narrow.  I have seen the Jam, Ketchup, Mustard and Relish.  I don't know who made these.

Kreiss Pixies (pictures)
I have only seen the Ketchup and Mustard in Kreiss.  I have also seen a this little girl as an egg cup with an egg in the cup labeled salt - on the dress it says "I'm a little egg head" - very cute!.

Beatson Pixies (pictures)
These pixies don't have stripes but rather are two-toned and have little buttons on the jar.  Their heads are round and I have seen them in the common condiments Jam, Ketchup, Mustard. 

Swirl Girl pixies (pictures)
The Swirl Girl pixies have swirling vertical stripes with girl heads.  So-so quality.  I have seen the common condiments Jam, Ketchup, Mustard.

Commodore Ketchup and Mustard Pixies (pictures)

Chef Pixies (pictures)