Fitz & Floyd Collectibles


All the dinnerware below is from my personal collection.  I bought a bunch of Fitz & Floyd in different patterns years ago.  Two sets I got all the pieces in a place setting for 8.  The others I just got a few pieces for "variety" because they were so beautiful and I had them displayed in my china cabinet.  However, I just never seemed to use all these other pieces so I have decided to finally let them go.  There is very little, if any, wear on them - their condition is EXCELLENT unless noted differently on the item.  

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#1 - Vintage Renaissance Dinner Plates - $60 each

Three fine porcelain Fitz & Floyd "Renaissance" Dinner plates dated MCMLXXVIII (1978) on the back with the #26.  10 1/4" in diameter.  Inspired by the Renaissance period which marked the transitional movement in Europe between medieval and modern times.  Black with 24K gold ring in the middle and on the rim.  I have 3 of these plates left.

#2 - Vintage Cherbourg Dinner Plates - $60 each

Seven fine porcelain Fitz & Floyd Dinner plates in the "Cherbourg" pattern (inspired by the city, Cherbourg, in NW France) marked with the #445 on the back.  Discontinued 1991.  10 1/4" in diameter.  These are a rich teracotta and gold color with a 24K gold ring in the middle.  I have 5 of these plates left.

#3 - Vintage Cherbourg Cup and Saucer - $60 each

Two fine porcelain Fitz & Floyd cups and saucers in the "Cherbourg" pattern (inspired by the city, Cherbourg, in NW France) marked with the #445 on the bottom.  Discontinued 1991.  These are a rich terracotta and gold color with a 24K gold ring in the middle of the saucers, and 24K gold on the rim and handle of the cups.  The saucers are 5 3/4" in diameter. Two cup/Saucer sets left.

#4 - Vintage Aragon Dinner Plates - $60 each

Two fine porcelain Fitz & Floyd dinner plates in the "Aragon" pattern (inspired by the Spanish community of Aragon) with the #239 on the back.  Discontinued 1986.  10 1/4" in diameter.  These are the most fun plates to make color plays with because of the mirror finish on the outside of the plate.  It picks up all colors you put by it!  The rim is a 24K gold ring, then a rust ring.  So you can use gold or silver with these plates on the table setting.  They go wonderful with the Roxy salad plates and the Capri cups I have listed below.  Very bold, fun pattern!  Two plates left

#5 - Vintage Roxy Salad Plates - $35 each

Two fine porcelain Fitz and Floyd salad plates in the "Roxy" pattern (very deco!) with the #243 on the back.  Discontinued 1985.  7 1/2" in diameter.  To the right are shown the Roxy salad places on top of the Aragon Dinner plates I have listed above.  These two plates together are awsome!  The roxy plate is black in the middle with rust on the outside.  There is a double silver ring in the middle that merges to the design on the side.  On the rim is another ring in silver.  Take a look at the Capri cups below as I show the Roxy plates with the cup (the cup is mirror like so it picks up the Roxy pattern on the cup!)  Dynamite plates!  Two plates left.

#6 - Vintage Platinee Capri Cups - $45

Two fine porcelain "Platinee Capri" cups marked with the #314 on the bottom.  Discontinued 1986-88.  They have a mirror type finish with 24K gold rim and handles.  Unfortunately I don't have the saucers anymore as one of my firends used them to microwave something.. well that was the end of the saucers!  I kept the cups and got creative with them because I loved the way the picked up the colors of anything you put them on (see large picture).  Plus just the cups alone are expensive as replacement pieces!  I would put dipping sauce or butter pats in them and place the cup on a colorful saucer on each end of the table.  The cup instantly looked like it was the pattern of the underplate!  They are lovely and actually I used them more after the saucer was toast!   Two cups left.

#7 - Vintage Hawlow Service (Charger) plates - $70 each

Eight fine porcelain Fitz & Floyd "Harlow" charger plates marked with #214 on the back.  Discontinued 1987.  These are gorgeous, large 12" plates and I used them only once for a dinner party I gave before the Black and White Ball when I lived in San Francisco. They are black with 24K gold.  Since most of my Fitz and Floyd has 24K gold, I have a gold plated silverware set that looks smashing with these plates.   If you purchase these plates, that would be something to think about purchasing as you can get those sets on sale a lot of times and the gold plated silverware just adds more elegance to this set.  I am also listing the underplates (below) I got to go with these - they are octagon and the tips show under the Harlow plates to give them even a more deco look!   I have 4 of these charges left.

#8 - Vintage TOYO Black Laquer Octagon Underplates - $10 each

Eight black laquer underplates 13" in diameter that were made by TOYO Japan.  They do show stack scratches in the middle from plates sitting on them but the outside edges that show are fine.  I used these with my Harlow Plates and also with a cheap set of white Octagon dinner plates I got at Cost Plus.  They really add elegance to a table setting and are a lot more durable than underplates I have purchased recently.  8 of the underplates left.

#9 - Vintage Blue Rondelle Rim Soup Bowls - $45 each

Two fine porcelain Fitz & Floyd dark blue "Rondelle" rim soup bowls.  9 1/4" in diameter.  Marked with MCMLXXIX (1979) and the #76 on the bottom.  These are beautiful plates with alternating rings of blue and 24K gold.  I used these with the Noritake plates I have listed below.  Two of the bowls left.

#10 - Vintage Rangoon Dinner/Salad Plates - $20 & $12 each

Two dinner plates and two salad plates in the Legacy by Noritake Rangoon pattern.  Discontinued 1983.  The dinner plate is 10 1/2" in diameter; the salad plate is 8 1/4" in diameter.  I got these plates and the two Rondelle rim soup bowls at the same time fo those times we just had soup and salad.  They look great by themselves but also look good with the dark blue Rondelle because both have dark blue and gold in the pattern.  Two plates and two saucers left.

#11 - Vintage Coral Peach Dinner Plates - $27 each

Two Fitz & Floyd dinner plates in "Coral Peach."  Discontinued 1987.   10 1/4" in diameter.   Lovely color and go great with the  Butterfly and Palm Beach Salad plates I have listed below.  They are a wonderful, fresh color. Two plates left.

#12 - Peach Butterfly Salad Plates - $25 each

Two Fitz & Floyd "Peach Butterfly" Inglaze Salad Plates.  Marked MCMLXXXI (1981) and with the #126 on the back.  8.25" in diameter.  These plates I purchased for those Sunday mornings with my husband when we just wanted fruit for breakfast and sat on outside on the deck with a bottle of blush champagne (pink to match the plates!).  A nice change and such a fun, fresh looking plate!  I also used them with the Peach plate under them as a charger when we munched on shrimp cocktail.  So they have been used but don't show utencil marks.  There are some spots on the thin pink edging rim underneath where the pink has come off (it was cold painted on).  But it doesn't show from the top.  Really fun plates! Two plates left.

#13 - Palm Beach Salad Plates - $33 each

Six Fitz & Floyd "Palm Beach" fine porcelain salad plates marked with #334 on the back.  Discontinued 1986.  7 1/2" in diameter.  These are wonderful desert or salad plates that make you think of beaches and drinks with umbrellas!  I have used these by themselves as desert plates, and I also used them as salad plates atop my white octogon plates.  They present a real fresh looking table setting and look wonderful with white pottery pieces that you can pick up pretty cheap and do a mix& match.  6 Plates left.